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Crime on the beat

The crimes below are a small snapshot of what the officers of Northern Station are doing. For a more comprehensive list, visit; under Compstat, there is a link to CrimeMAPS.

Tuesday, April 2, 12:30 a.m.
900 Block of Eddy

A disagreement about keeping an apartment building’s front door locked spiraled into a physical altercation between two neighbors in the building, and one of them didn’t let the matter drop at that.

Another resident helped break up the fight, which included one neighbor swinging his keys near the face of the other and the two wrestling on the ground. Later that day, the key-swinger came to the door of the first neighbor, who told police the man was intoxicated and had a knife, yelling threats to “cut up” the neighbor, slash all four of his tires, and that he knows where the other man lives, which should have gone without saying. He then left, but he used the fire escape to reappear outside the first neighbor’s rear window, which he broke. The first neighbor then called the police about the incident, which had multiple witnesses, all of whom told similar stories to the police.

The threat-making subject was detained by police and booked on charges of terrorist threats, malicious mischief, vandalism to property, and breaking windows.

Wednesday, April 3, 3:40 p.m.
Laguna at Ivy

Officers stopped a subject after seeing him repeatedly ride his bike through stop lights and signs. The officers are unable to issue citations if they are uncertain of the person’s identity, and the subject told them he had lost his identification; instead, he gave them a name that turned out to be false, and he claimed not to know his Society Security number or his current address.

The officers brought the subject to Northern Station for identity purposes; they discovered a card in the subject’s backpack with his real name on it, and upon running a check on the name they discovered that the man had about $100,000 in outstanding warrants, for which the officers then arrested him. During a search, they found he had numerous pieces of other people’s mail. Officers contacted some of the people whose names were on the mail, and they told the police that they had no idea why the subject had their mail and had not given anyone permission to steal it. Possession of stolen property was added to the previous charges for which he was booked.

Sunday, April 7, 7:14 p.m.
Geary at Laguna

A woman called to report the robbery of her iPhone. She described the subject and the direction in which he was escaping on a bike.

She had been waiting for a bus, listening to music on her phone, when someone approached her from behind and struggled with her to rip the phone from her hand. Luckily, she got a good look at the subject, and officers were able to take him into custody. She told them “That’s him, that’s the bike.” Officers were not able to locate the phone.

Tuesday, April 9, 5:21 p.m.
Willow at Polk

Officers on patrol heard screaming coming from an alley; they saw a male victim being pulled down behind a van, but the man was able to break away from two subjects. He then directed the officers to his assailants.

The victim said he had been walking home when he had been grabbed in the alley by the two subjects, one of whom placed a knife to his neck and said, “Give me everything you got.” They began to go through his pockets, taking things. The timely appearance of the patrol car scared the subjects, allowing the man to break away from them. Officers were able to recover the knife used in the attempted robbery and detained and arrested the two subjects.

Tuesday, April 9, 2 a.m.
Polk at Golden Gate

Police officers on patrol observed two men in a physical struggle, with one man appearing to be trying to flee while the other attempted to prevent his escape. The latter man yelled to the police, “He just broke into my car.”

The victim, who worked in the area, happened to see the subject loitering around his vehicle and then breaking the car window and beginning to remove items. The victim came out to confront the subject, which was when the police arrived. The victim identified the subject as well as the stolen items that had been taken and then had fallen out of the subject’s pockets.

The subject was subsequently booked at Northern Station.

Sunday, April 14, 7:23 a.m.
Larkin at Ellis

Police responded to a call regarding an unsuccessful hit-and-run accident. Following a collision between two vehicles, which trapped one driver in her car, the driver of the other vehicle made no attempt to check on the well-being of the trapped driver. Instead, he flagged down a cab and got into it along with several bags of items from his car. A witness blocked in the cab with his vehicle. Another witness said she had taken a picture of the subject with her tablet computer, but the man got angry and took the computer from her hands.

The officers detained the subject. They ran a check on the vehicle he had been driving and discovered that it had been reported lost by San Pablo’s police. They also found an “airsoft” pistol in the floorboard of the vehicle. He was booked at Northern Station on multiple charges.

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