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Crime on the beat

The crimes below are a small snapshot of what the officers of Northern Station are doing. For a more comprehensive list, visit; under Compstat, there is a link to CrimeMAPS.

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 11:15 p.m.
Grove at Polk streets

Uniformed patrol officers watched a vehicle parked facing the wrong direction on Grove Street. A male got into the car and quickly made a u-turn; officers stopped the vehicle before it could flee, and a computer check showed that it had been stolen. The occupants of the car were arrested.

Officers discovered a “shaved” key in the ignition and suspected meth in the car. The subjects were booked at Northern Station.

Friday, Sept. 6, 12:15 a.m.
1100 block of McAllister Street

Responding to reports of a possible shot being fired, officers were unable to discover any evidence. However, they did encounter an intoxicated male, who called them names and challenged them to a fight. The officers tried to detain the male for a temporary four-hour sober-up detention, but he resisted and continued attempting to fight. He was handcuffed and driven to Northern Station.

The subject continued to resist officers and act belligerent during his booking and placement in a sobering cell. Yelling. Profanities. Kicking out the glass in the cell.

The officers documented his behavior and sent him to county jail. Meanwhile, the Northern Station sobering cell was out of commission for the night; the subject was also charged with felony vandalism.

Friday, Sept. 6, 2:15 a.m.
Unit block of Culebra Terrace

Officers met with a victim who told them he had been asleep in his room when he saw a subject’s hands attempting to raise his bedroom window. The male subject managed to get 90 percent inside when the victim said he was calling the police.

The subject fled, but not before the victim was able to get a good look at him; the victim gave that description and the direction of travel to the officers, who were able to track down and detain the subject. The victim was sure that the police had detained the correct person, who was booked at Northern Station.

Monday, Sept. 9, 2:33 p.m.
Ash at Gough streets

Officers responding to a homeless complaint found two male subjects sleeping inside a Mercedes with no front plate. The subjects told the officers they were just sleeping in the car; they didn’t know who owned it.

Running a computer check on the vehicle, the officers found that it had been stolen. Despite attempting to conceal their identities, the subjects were identified by the police officers. Both of the subjects had multiple warrants for their arrests; they were booked at Northern Station.

The Mercedes was towed; officers were unable to reach the vehicle’s owner.

Thursday, Sept. 12, 12:53 a.m.
1100 block of Polk Street

A bartender asked a patron who had fallen asleep at the bar to leave the establishment. The subject refused and an argument ensued that resulted in the subject shoving the bartender hard. The subject pulled out a pocket knife and said, “I’m going to kill you.”

The altercation was interrupted by the arrival of an officer from Northern Station. The subject told officers that he had “two guns” on him, but a search of him revealed no firearms. He was booked at Northern Station.

Friday, Sept. 13, 4 p.m.
Union at Laguna streets

Officers responded to a complaint about someone using counterfeit money to purchase clothing. A store employee pointed out the female subject to the officers and said, “She just used fake money in my store — look.” The officer examined the bill and agreed that it was fake.

When the officers detained the subject, she said, “I knew this was going to happen.” Officers discovered she had used numerous fake bills in the area, and a computer check revealed an outstanding warrant from San Bernadino County. The subject was booked at county jail and the incident was reported to the Secret Service.

Friday, Sept. 13, 9:20 p.m.
Eddy at Laguna streets

Northern Station’s Special Investigation Team investigators led officers to the perpetrator of a restaurant burglary several days earlier. After pulling and reviewing the video evidence, they were able to recognize the subject and put out a warrant for his arrest. Plain clothes officers spotted the subject and quickly had him in custody. He was booked at Northern Station.


Changes year-to-date

Violent Crimes
+200% Homicide*
-42% Rape
+8% Robbery
+8% Aggravated Assault
+7% Overall

Property Crimes
-9% Burglary
+3% Auto Theft
+77% Theft from Vehicles
+29% Other Theft
+35% Overall

* The outsized increase in homicides represents three homicides year-to-date versus one homicide last year.

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