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Crime on the beat

The crimes below are a small snapshot of what the officers of Northern Station are doing. For a more comprehensive list, visit; under Compstat, there is a link to CrimeMAPS.

July 23, 12:48 a.m.
Union Street at Gough
Officers were on routine patrol when they observed a vehicle make an illegal right turn from an outside lane. The officers conducted a traffic stop on the driver and approached the vehicle. While talking to the driver, they saw a clear plastic baggie with suspected marijuana inside. The officers also saw an open bottle of beer in the center console of the vehicle. An officer asked the driver if there was any more marijuana or alcohol in the vehicle, and the driver stated that he did not know. There were three other occupants in the vehicle, so officers asked the passengers and driver to get out so a vehicle search could be conducted. The officers located a black pistol with a holster inside the trunk. There was also a safe in the trunk that had two additional pistols, 12 magazines, and miscellaneous bullets. The driver said the pistols belonged to his father who passed away six months ago. After a thorough investigation, the officers were unable to determine the owner of the pistols. The officers seized the pistols, magazines and bullets and issued the driver a citation for the traffic violations. The driver was then released from the scene. The officers booked the pistols at Northern Station.

July 25, 3:13 a.m.
Steiner Street at Broadway
Officers were on routine patrol when they spotted a subject walking down the street. The officers know from daily patrols of this area that there are numerous auto burglaries at this time of night. The officers stopped and observed the male as he walked slowly, looking into vehicles as he passed them. The officers carefully approached the subject and detained him without incident. A computer check on the subject showed that he had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. The subject was taken into custody and transported to Northern Station and later booked at County Jail.

July 30, 9:48 a.m.
Marina Boulevard at Laguna
Officers were called regarding a male who was caught shoplifting. The male took 60 cans of beer and attempted to walk past all open cash registers with no attempt to pay for any of the items. The male was detained by store security, who called police. The male had an extensive record for theft in San Francisco. He was transported and booked
at Northern Station.

Aug. 1, 5:55 a.m.
Marina Boulevard at Laguna
Officers responded regarding a female subject who had stolen a bottle of vodka and run out of the store. Officers were able to detain the subject. The reporting party wanted his property back and refused to press charges on the subject. Officers conducted a computer check on the subject that revealed an outstanding no-bail warrant for a past theft. The warrant was confirmed and the subject was booked at County Jail.

Aug. 10, 7:70 p.m.
Marina Boulevard at Laguna
Officers were called to a store on a seemingly routine shoplifting call. Store security told officers that a male subject came into the store and went into the bathroom area. After 10 minutes, the male came out and got a shopping cart. The male selected numerous food items and walked past all open cash registers, not paying for the items, and walked out the doors of the store. Security attempted to detain the male for the theft. The subject told security, “I got something for you,” and began to reach for his bag. Security grabbed his arms and held him until police arrived. One of the officers was familiar with the male, and knew he had been arrested in the past for carrying concealed weapons. An officer searched the subject’s bag and discovered a loaded, sawed-off shotgun. The male was booked at Northern Station.

Aug. 20, 7:40 p.m.
Divisadero Street at Lombard
Officers responded to a pharmacy regarding a male subject trying to pick up a fake prescription. Officers arrived and detained the male as he left the store. Officers checked with store employees who told them that the male was attempting to obtain codeine-based cough syrup without a prescription. The officers ran a computer check on the male and it returned with an active narcotics warrant for his arrest. The subject was arrested and booked at Northern Station.

Incidents listed here are based on witness statements as recorded by the reporting officers and are compiled by Marina Times staff.

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