Dog for Dog treats give back with a simple philosophy: ‘You buy one. We give one’

Dog for Dog treats give back with a simple philosophy: ‘You buy one. We give one’

The first time I saw Dogsbars at Pet Food Express I purchased them because I wanted to help animals. The company that makes the treats, Dog for Dog, has a straightforward mission: For every treat you buy, they donate one to a dog in need. I bought both flavors — peanut butter and blueberry — and as I was unwrapping them at home, I was drooling right along with Skylar because they looked and smelled better than any human granola bar I’d ever had. They’re made with organic brown rice syrup, oats, blackstrap molasses, organic crisp brown rice, organic flax seeds, organic peanut butter, sunflower seed kernels, organic potato flakes, organic sunflower oil, and, for the blueberry version, dried blueberries. I have to confess I took a nibble of both flavors and could have eaten an entire bar (but I couldn’t do that to Skylar).

Founder Rocky Kanaka Keever came up with the concept while holding pet adoptions at his pet supply stores. He realized that despite however many dogs were adopted, many more were left in shelters. Celebrities including Michael Bublé, Snoop Lion and Chelsea Handler took note, and with the help of these high-profile folks, Dog for Dog has been able to promote the product and publicize the plight of shelters across the country, where 4 million of 8 million animals are euthanized each year.

On a recent trip to Pet Food Express, I discovered the company also makes Dogsbutter, peanut butter especially for dogs without sugar, salt or hydrogenated oils. There are three varieties: Original, simply made with peanuts, golden flaxseed and palm fruit oil; Skin & Coat, which has added coconut; and Immunity & Digestion, which also has coconut, plus ginger. Because Sky has a sensitive stomach, I bought the Immunity & Digestion Dogsbutter, which I plan to use when I make her frozen yogurt (see last month’s issue or visit for the recipe). Like most dogs, Skylar loves peanut butter, so this is a healthful alternative, and best of all, Dog for Dog donates a jar for every jar sold just as they do with all their products. In addition to the bars and butters, Dog for Dog also makes other treats like chicken and lamb, as well as kibble, made with a variety of blends, including pork, chicken, duck, and turkey, and a grain-free version made with salmon and ocean fish.

Dog for Dog, all products made in the United States. Dogsbars, $3.99 each; DogsButter, $9.99 each. Available at Pet Food Express and other fine pet supply retailers.

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