Rocket Dog Rescue saved Pigeon’s life, now she’s ready to be part of yours

Photos: courtesy rocket dog rescue

Ms. Pigeon is probably one of the most special dogs you will ever meet. This tiny girl is a muscular short stack, standing no taller than the average person’s knee. (Like my Skylar Grey, she’s a low rider, built like a perfect little teapot, short and stout.) Pigeon is a beautiful dog, around two to three years old, with one golden-brown eye and one sparkly blue eye (I’m partial to blue eyes — my beloved Jazzy had two of them). She has a good amount of energy but, like most pitties, has a couch potato side, and loves to hang out at home with her people. 

Pigeon loves to keep you laughing, even though there was nothing funny about the way her life began. She came to Rocket Dog Rescue from a high-kill shelter after being dumped there with her dead puppies inside her, and had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life. Despite her rough start, Pigeon still trusts and loves people, and is eager to move forward. Pitties like Pigeon are like that — they rarely let their tough beginnings affect their future. (In fact, all of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s infamous house of horrors were adopted and went on to happy, balanced lives, many in homes with kids and cats, some as therapy or search-and-rescue dogs.)

Pigeon’s ideal home is with someone who has experience with bully breeds, and who will let her be an only dog (she deserves to be doggy queen of the house after all she’s been through!).

To learn more about Pigeon, please visit You can also buy the 2014 Rocket Dog Rescue calendar there, which is gorgeous and benefits the many dogs Rocket Dog saves (6,296 and counting). You can also e-mail [email protected] about Pigeon (put “I saw Pigeon in the Marina Times …” in the subject line

Photos: courtesy rocket dog rescue

Photos: courtesy rocket dog rescue

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