Testoprime vs. Testogen: Which One Is Better?

More than half of the men over the age of 30 years are dealing with low testosterone levels. But that’s not the main issue. The problem is that half of them are not aware of this issue. And the ones who are aware of this issue are ashamed of taking the help. 

Well, there is nothing wrong with having low testosterone. It’s a common problem, and fortunately, you can do multiple things to bring the testosterone level back to normal. Among the possible options, booster supplement pills are the first one. 

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The best thing about supplement pills is that they do not cause any kind of side effects. That’s because they are made of all-natural ingredients, which give out a perfect blend of formulas when combined. This formula safely increases the testosterone level in the body without any possible harm. 

But the issue with supplements is that there are multiple options. Multiple brands have understood how effective booster supplements are. Thus, they have started manufacturing their version of testosterone boosters. 

While this thing leaves us with multiple options, the limitless options can easily create confusion. Don’t worry because we have done detailed research to find the best possible testosterone booster supplements. Its TestoPrime and TestoGen. 

Both these supplements are manufactured by leading brands, which have gained a good reputation in the market. These brands are known for creating an extraordinary formula that effectively takes up the testosterone level. 

Scroll down to know more about these supplements’ pros, cons, benefits, ingredients, price, and other factors that might influence your buying decision. 

What is TestoPrime?

TestoPrime is an effective booster formula manufactured especially for people dealing with low sex drive. It is offered by a brand called Wolfson Brands Limited. The experts of this brand have carefully researched to find out the ingredients that can help increase the T-level. The items that go into this supplement boost the sex drive and muscle strength. 

TestoPrime has been in the market since 2009. Each bottle of TestoPrime contains around 120 capsules. These pills are evenly spread on a serving of four per day. One thing that makes this supplement better is that its brand has done thorough third-party testing. That means these pills are safe, and one can consume them without any second thought. 

Unlike other boosting supplements, this one does not have any kind of synthetic drugs like anabolic steroids. The reason being these synthetic ingredients are likely to cause harm to the body. Instead, it uses minerals, vitamins, and extracts that actually naturally support the body’s testosterone. These things make sure that the testosterone level in the body does not increase in an abnormal way. 

98% of the people are highly satisfied with this booster supplement. Also, more than half of the customers have said that TestoPrime is the best supplement they have tried so far. 

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How Beneficial is TestoPrime?

As you have seen, TestoPrime is manufactured by a leading brand, which means you can trust it. But the main question is- what benefits does this supplement offer? Below are some changes you can expect with regular consumption of this pill. 

It Increases Sex Drive 

One can naturally feel overwhelmed and stressed. It can further impact the sex drive. But if you don’t want to face such a situation, start consuming the TestoPrime pills. 

The ingredients that go into this pill combine perfectly to boost libido and sexual desire. Overall, the ultimate formula of TestoPrime can help you get better bedroom satisfaction that you have been missing out on for a long time. 

It Decreases Stress Level

Managing personal and professional life can sometimes become hectic. But TestoPrime can help in decreasing the stress level. It happens because the magical ingredient, i.e., Ashwagandha present in this supplement, reduces cortisol levels to around 40%. This thing further improves the mood. 

It Keeps You Fit 

Weight gain is commonly seen around the belly area, further impacting your metabolism. This situation even leads to fat retention. 

Well, the ingredients of TestoPrime have better ingredients that are combined in a way so that the body can process fat in a better way. Also, this supplement makes it easier to convert fat into energy. 

It Boosts Strength

One of the greater advantages of regularly consuming the TestoPrime pill is that it helps in improving strength. Better strength means your body will regain muscle loss, making you feel more active and confident. 

The improvement in strength will also help enhance the blood flow that makes the muscle grow faster and better. To achieve this muscle change, you don’t have to change your regular workout routine. 

It Promotes More Energy and Better Stamina 

Another benefit of consuming TestoPrime is that it helps you have more energy and better stamina. The supplement can do a lot for your endurance levels. Having better energy and stamina means you will no longer feel sleepy and tired. 

Pros of TestoPrime 

  • The best thing about this boosting supplement is that it comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. 
  • Around 98% of the customers taking TestoPrime pills are satisfied with the results. 
  • The ingredients added to this supplement are thoroughly checked to ensure that they offer the best result. 
  • It can effectively reverse the health impact of low testosterone as it is made of all-natural ingredients. 

Cons of TestoPrime 

  • While TestoPrime is an effective supplement, you should not take it as a replacement for any hormonal therapy. 
  • Buying a single bottle can be a bit expensive. So, it is better to purchase this testosterone-boosting supplement in bulk. 

What is TestoGen?

TestoGen is another highly popular booster supplement that you can consume to increase your body’s T-level. It was launched in the market five years back when there were not enough options. 

Although one can find numerous options today, people still trust TestoGen because it is made of an all-natural formula that does not have any side effects on the body. Unlike some supplements, this one does not have any added preservatives or chemicals. 

Since there are no chemicals or synthetic items, you don’t have to worry about side effects. But one thing that you need to remember is that overconsumption of this pill can lead to complications. 

Why are we saying so? Out of all the testosterone level booster supplements, TestoGen has the maximum amount of D-Aspartic Acid. This element is known for playing a major role in increasing the T-level. In short, it’s a game-changer element. 

Another interesting thing about this booster is its drop version. Till now, it’s the only effective booster supplement that is available in two different forms, i.e., pills and drops. If you want to experience better results, you must take drops as it has shoed better results in increasing the T-level. 

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Along with boosting the testosterone, this supplement also slows down the conversion of testosterone to estrone, which occurs naturally with age. Each bottle of TestoGen contains around 120 pills that should be consumed four times a day. 

Once you consume a TestoGen pill, it will increase the luteinizing hormone (LH) production. This thing is further responsible for stimulating the Leydig cells to produce testosterone. 

What are the Benefits of TestoGen?

Besides increasing the T-level, this supplement also plays a major role in other areas. With regular consumption of this booster supplement, you can expect the following changes. 

Reverse Low T-Level 

People like TestoGen because it plays an essential role in reversing the low T-level. When this reversal happens, your testosterone is boosted, which helps you have more energy and better stamina. 

The reversal also helps in having a better sexual drive. That means now you won’t feel dull or overwhelmed while spending some quality time with your partner. 

Induces Muscle Growth 

Regularly taking TestoGen can result in muscle growth and improvement in strength. With better strength, you feel more confident. And then it further improves your overall health and well-being. 

Keeps You Fit 

According to a study, it’s seen that people who regularly consume TestoGen pills live a better and healthier life as compared to people who don’t take this pill. This supplement is known for preventing weight gain around the area to lower the sexual drive. 

Besides this, the pills also shape the chest and ripped muscles. With regular consumption, you can have a lean athletic physique. 

Pros of TestoGen

  • TestoGen helps you have a better sex drive and improved self-confidence.
  • It boosts metabolism that further helps you stay strong and fit. 
  • With regular consumption, you will notice the change and difference in just a few weeks. 
  • Lastly, it offers quick results that last longer. 

Cons of TestoGen

  • While TestoGen is an excellent testosterone booster pill, it is expensive. 
  • It is essential to consume the pills in moderation. If you consume more than recommended, you might end up harming your body. 

The Formula 

The ingredients that go into TestoPrime and TestoGen appear to be the same, but some are different. This difference makes these two supplements so unique.

TestoPrime contains around 12 active ingredients, and TestoGen only contains 11 active ingredients. Although TestoPrime has more ingredients, TestoGen is considered better. And this fact is backed by multiple pieces of evidence. 

But the issue here is that TestoGen has everything in a balanced way. That means if you ever overconsume this supplement, it will create more problems than doing. 

Common Ingredients of TestoPrime and TestoGen 

Keep scrolling to know the common ingredients that go into both these pills. 

Fenugreek Extract 

Fenugreek extract plays an essential role in preventing testosterone from converting into estrogen. It also helps in removing the low testosterone symptoms. 

All in all, fenugreek seed is a vital element in the boosting supplement that improves the testosterone level in the body. 

D-Aspartic Acid 

It’s considered a kind of amino acid that helps in increasing the LH level within the human body. An increase in LH level further increases the testosterone, which enhances the lifestyle. 

Vitamin D3

Another ingredient on this list is Vitamin D that is known for increasing the testosterone-producing level in the body. 

Korean Red Ginseng Extract 

It’s nothing but a herbal extract widely known for increasing sexual desire, testosterone levels, libido. 

BioPerine 95% Piperine 

This ingredient is an extract of black pepper known for increasing testosterone effectiveness by boosting absorption. The primary role of this extract is to help absorb the nutrients in a better way. 

Vitamin B6

This particular vitamin is commonly known as pyridoxine that is generally used for increasing overall wellness and health. An optimal dose of this vitamin can help in boosting testosterone levels. 


Did you know that zinc deficiency is directly related to hypogonadism? So, when you consume supplements high in zinc, your body does not face issues in producing testosterone. 

Different Ingredients of TestoPrime

While TestoPrime and TestoGen share seven similar ingredients, they have certain differences. So, below are the five separate items that this pill has, which make it unique. 

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KSM-66 Ashwagandha 

While green tea extract and Vitamin B5 are not effective in boosting testosterone, Ashwagandha is undoubtedly a magical ingredient. It’s an ayurvedic herb packed with libido-boosting properties and virility-enhancing properties. 

These properties help in increasing the sex drive in just a few days. But it does not mean that you should overdose Ashwagandha. That’s because then this ayurvedic herb might do more harm than good. 

Vitamin B5 

It’s an essential addition to this testosterone-boosting supplement to support energy levels. This nutrient, however, doesn’t increase the testosterone level as it should. 


The next ingredient in TestoPrime is garlic to offer general health benefits, but it surely is not particularly beneficial for boosting testosterone levels. 

Green Tea 20:1 Extract 

One might feel that green tea extract is not that effective in increasing the testosterone level, which is true. So, what’s the purpose of this ingredient? Well, green tea extract is added because it greatly impacts increasing metabolism. 

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Pomegranate 45:1 Extract 

Pomegranate is an excellent source of antioxidants responsible for fighting inflammation in the body. But again, this ingredient also does not have any possible effect on testosterone levels. 

Different Ingredients of TestoGen

Below are four ingredients that make TestoGen different from other T-level booster supplements available in the market. 


A study has found that magnesium supplementation increases testosterone supplementation in male athletes. That means this particular ingredient can have a better influence in boosting testosterone.

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Vitamin K1

This ingredient is usually found in green leafy vegetables. It helps in keeping the heart healthy and the body fit. But unfortunately, this ingredient is not known to have any specific effect on testosterone levels. 

Compared with K1, Vitamin K2 is known to better influence testosterone. This vitamin is, in fact, a highly effective ingredient that should be present in testosterone booster supplements. But it’s not present in the TestoGen. 


A study in 2020 has concluded that boron can be used for improving free testosterone levels after training muscle strength. 

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Nettle Leaf Extract 

The last ingredient present in the TestoGen is the nettle leaf extract known for safely and effectively raising the male hormone. 

Is There Any Side Effect?

It’s common for people to think that taking testosterone booster supplements can result in certain side effects. But fortunately, these two supplements do not cause harm to the body. 

That’s because they are made of natural ingredients and are free from any kind of added preservatives. But if you consume the pills in an amount that’s more than recommended, then you might experience certain discomfort. 

Price and Offers 

Moving further to the price, both pills come at $59.99. While this price is a little more, you can save your money by placing bulk orders. By purchasing the TestoGen or TestoPrime in a considerable amount, you can save around 40%. 

TestoPrime offers to buy 2, get 1 free offer. And buy 3, get 3 free offers. 

TestoGen offers buy 2, get 1 free offer. And buy 3, get 2 free offers. If you want, you can even add Instant Drop, which starts at $89.99. 

Where to Buy From?

TestoGen is easily available on the official website of this company. Also, certain Amazon verified sellers offer this product. 

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On the other hand, if you want to purchase TestoPrime, you need to purchase from the website directly. 

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Low testosterone level in the body is not rare, but the way a person can increase T-level in the body has become better. Instead of following the dangerous and inefficient method, one can exactly do what can effectively increase the testosterone level. That is taking a booster supplement. 

Now, both the recommended supplements are great, and they offer a variety of benefits. But one thing that separates them is the ingredients that go into them. TestoPrime combines 12 ingredients, and the other is formulated with 11 ingredients. 

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The effectiveness of these pills further depends on the dose. Even if you get highly excited seeing the results, try to consume the pills in moderation to avoid abnormally increasing T-level.

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