Police Blotter

The ongoing story of vice in the city by the bay

The crimes below are a small snapshot of what the officers of Northern Station are doing. For a more comprehensive list, visit; under Compstat, select the link to Crimemaps.


March 14, 12:26 a.m.
100 block of Fell Street

Local residents had complained of narcotics sales occurring in their neighborhood during the day and at night. An officer with experience in local narcotics work spotted a suspect with whom she had had previous contact. The officer saw in plain view that the suspect had a baggie of suspected crystal methamphetamine.

She placed him under arrest and transported him to Northern State, where the material tested positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was booked at County Jail.


March 14, 10:15 a.m.
1300 block of Webster Street

A female subject was spotted by store security taking several items, walking past all of the registers but making no attempt to pay for what she had taken, and then leaving the store. The security personnel were able to grab the bag she was carrying and recover the items in it that she had stolen; however, the subject herself fled on foot.

Officers arrived to take the report of the incident, and while they were there, the subject returned to the store. She was identified by the store’s security staff and she was detained. There were no outstanding warrants for her; she was cited for shoplifting and released.


March 15, 1:43 p.m.
Larkin at Golden Gate Avenue

Officers responded to a report that two women were fighting at a bus stop. They detained both women. One of the women told them that she had been standing at the bus stop when the second woman approached her and told her not to smoke. The first woman said she doesn’t smoke, but the second one was acting belligerent and “getting in her face.” The first woman pulled out pepper spray and warned the other woman to back off, but when the second woman hit her hand away, they began to fight. Several witnesses confirmed the incident.

Each of the women wanted to press charges against the other, and officers accepted the citizens’ arrest from both parties and cited them for battery. They were released at the scene by the police officers.


March 15, 10:07 a.m.
Fillmore at O’Farrell Streets

A Starbucks employee told officers that a male suspect took an orange juice and left the store without paying. The employee followed the suspect and demanded the return of the juice, but the suspect refused, threw the juice at the Starbucks employee, and kicked her in the leg.

The employee and the suspect struggled, and another employee called the police, who arrived and took custody of the suspect. That suspect turned out to have an outstanding felony warrant for arrest, and he was sent to County Jail.


March 16, 1:14 p.m.
400 block of Page Street

Housing officers spotted two subjects they knew to be on probation, one of whom had a restriction barring him from being in the area in which they saw him. The officers stopped the subjects, and a computer check showed that they were both indeed on probation. A search uncovered pills, possible marijuana, and suspected methamphetamine.

Further investigation at Northern Station showed that the suspected drugs were in fact what they were suspected of being, and the subjects were transported to County Jail.


March 17, 6:19 p.m.
Laguna at Post Streets

Officers were dispatched to handle a report of a male subject who was sitting in a doorway exposing and touching himself. The person who had called police informed the officers that the subject is homeless and wanders around the neighborhood. She told the officers that she saw the subject touching himself and wanted him to be arrested.

The police searched the area before they located the subject a couple blocks away. The citizen positively identified the subject, somehow, and the officers then transported the subject to Northern Station, where he was cited and released.


March 18, 5:15 p.m.
2000 Block of FIllmore Street

Officers responded to a report of a shoplifting incident at a clothing store. They met with the store employee who told them that a subject took a coat off the rack and ran out of the store. Within minutes, officers spotted the subject, who had the coat behind his back tucked into his waistband, with its store tags still on it. The subject was on probation for assault, but he was cleared of any outstanding warrants and cited for theft before he was released.

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